This page is a compilation of many miscellaneous items.

mouse magnet

mouse magnet

I bought one mold and made 350 of these little guys for an event. Each one molded, baked, trimmed, painted, sealed and then a magnet glued on the back. There were a few that ended up on the short bus, but the majority of them turned out okay.


window painting

I guess this could go on the painting page, but it is much more than a painting. It is an old window, that I added a track in the back to. I had some masonite board cut to size and painted a couple of different scenes on. Then you can slip it in and out to change your painting. It has a light up on the top, and three little battery operated candles in the window sill.

Untangle the season and enjoy the reason!

This ornament is also featured on the centerpieces page. These were designed to go with the Penguin’s Christmas centerpiece. Each penguin is hand sculpted out of clay and inserted into the glass ornament.

 Here are some winter scenes on wooden ornaments.

Bringing Home the Tree

Silent Night

Cozy Inside

Frosty Night

Almost Home

A Christmas Stocking

Oh Holy Night


Tree Top Angel

This is the kind of angel I have been describing to my boys. The kind of angel that can protect you! So… since I couldn’t find one for our Christmas tree, I decided that I needed to make one. Here he is. Our Mighty Angel! (AKA: Kick Butt Angel)

Kick Butt Angel


Painted Rocks

IMG_2969 IMG_2968 IMG_2994 IMG_2971 IMG_2942

Clay Figures

Cake topper airplanes

Cake topper airplanes

IMG_3055 IMG_3050

IMG_3054 IMG_3053


Grooms Cake Toppers

Sea Otter in a Dish

IMG_3461 IMG_3480


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