About hi-d

The” Originals by hi-d” name has been part of my artist life since high school. Back then I did a lot of China painting. Even bought my own kiln when I was 17.  I have been “playing” with art and creating things for as long as I can remember. My greatest joy is not having the faintest clue how I am going to do something…and then figuring it out. I love a challenge. And when I see others get some joy out of my work, it feeds my creativity, and makes it all worth while to me.

I grew up in Lodi, California, with my mom, dad and three brothers. I now live in central Georgia with my husband and three of my four sons. (My oldest son now lives in Virginia.) There is never a dull moment around here. Lots of boys, lots of pets, and lots of laughter.

My whole life I have dreamed of having a little studio to do my artwork. (and as you can imaging, with four little boys in the house all these years…I have longed for a place to “get away”!) In August of 2013 my dream began being built. Although, the way in which it became a possibility left me grief stricken and lost.

The previous April, my dear, sweet Daddy passed away after a very short illness and barely enough time for me to rush out to California to see him. He and I were very close and we talked almost every day on the phone. He left my brothers and I some some money, and I would GLADLY give it back to have my Dad back. So, having this studio was very difficult for me at first, but now I know that he would be so happy to know that I finally have it. We talked about a studio for me quite a bit in recent years when he would come out to visit. We even went and looked at out-buildings that we could maybe turn into a studio. He supported my dream, and I feel him with me when I am working out there. I still miss him SO much.

Here are a few photos of the little studio I now have in my backyard…thanks to my Dad.


IMG_3408 IMG_3444 IMG_3442 IMG_3441 IMG_3404 IMG_3403 IMG_3412


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